Jelqing 3 or 5 days per week - which one is right?

Seems to me the most sensible and most consistent jelqing schedule to maintain based on all the theories on how growth happens is a day on day off schedule.

Why do people still suggest 5 days a week? Or even 4 days a week? Or any schedule where you do the same thing two days or more in a row? Shouldn't you have at least one rest day in between jelqing sessions?

Seems illogical to say that we grow our dicks at rest and that we should have more rest days and then to suggest jelqing on consecutive days.

Doing four days in a row and then resting for two or three days doesn't make much sense. You'll jelq one day, jelq the next - and you still haven't really recovered from the last day - you are not gaining but probably atrophying your Dick like any kind of "overtraining" or training without 48 hours of rest does - even with a light routine. And then you repeat two more days finally resting where you will finally grow off a base that hasn't been allowed to heal the other four days. That seems like a waste of time.

If you jelq, then take a rest day, you will recover and keep growing off this recovery. It seems a little retarded to make no minute progress from day to day only to finally make a little progress during maybe one day of the week - the last rest day.

I don't get it. Not alternating days consistently is illogical. Especially given the tendency for most people to go at their routines a little over intensely.

I guess the real reason people don't do this by and large is the addictive nature of jelqing and our desire to progress. Also, people probably think they store growth somehow that will become unlocked during those rest days. The only thing that is happening on those rest days is that you are recovering from that last jelq day and previous cumulative damage. Instead of growing on top of growth, you are recovering from progressive atrophy. Basically your getting what you started with back and if you are lucky, a little more. What you should be doing is growing consistently on top of growth.

In my experience, there is no comparison between 5 days consecutive and day on day off. One works, the other is like taking water out of a boat that is sinking keeping just slightly ahead of sinking. I did gain 5 days and even six days, but at a very slow rate. I've gained in two weeks what it took six months to achieve at 5 days.

In my opinion, jelqing on consecutive days is a gross mismanagement of time.

Editors note:

Although Teebone's opinion is perfectly valid, the fact of the matter is, jelqing 5 consecutive days is fine, as long as you follow clear and well though our guidance from those who know the PE business such as the guys at

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